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Adding Image Issue


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I've encountered an issue when adding images with Stamp Data Manager. The issue involves that when I attach an image to a catalogue entry for instance catalogue number 1600 it at the same time attaches it to number 1611.How can this be resolved?

It has become very annoying since the only method I have found to correct the problem is to delete the entry with the incorrect image and then enter it again in SDM.


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I can't say we have any similar reports of this problem. Is this still happening with the latest 2013 version? If so, I would like to remote to your machine to see it happen and try to figure out why.

This is not really related, but Please note that any sub-varieties of a stamp will show the image for the main variety if there is not a separate image for the sub-variety. You should see text in the image saying "showing image for ...."

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