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Importing from Quicken Home Inventory


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We get alot of customers asking if HomeManage will import from other home inventory applications such as Quicken Home Inventory.

Quicken Home Inventory was discontinued a couple years back from what I understand.

The answer is basically, if you can export data from the application into Excel or .CSV format, you can usually import it into HomeManage.

Here is an article we found on one way to do this


Unfortunately, Quicken Home Inventory does not work on Windows 7, and you might have a hard time switching to another program because QHI does not have an option to export the data.

However, there’s a way to work around this. A program called Attic Manager, can import the data directly from Quicken database, even if you don’t have Quicken installed. It even works on 64bit Windows. You just need to have your QHI.MDF database backup file.

Once data is in Attic Manager you can export it to CSV format which can be imported into Excel, OpenOffice and almost all the other Home Inventory software.


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