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Mobile Version of AssetManage


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A PRE-RELEASE Windows Mobile version of AssetManage is now available. It will work on virtually any PDA type scanner that uses the Windows Mobile, Pocket PC or Windows CD operating system. Examples include the Motorola (formerly Symbol) MC50 or MC55..Intermec barcode scanners, etc..

You can download from:


Unzip and then run the setup.exe program.

Please note you must have the latest version of AssetManage Standard 2011 installed to use the mobile app.

it can be downloaded from:


Reason being the app needs 2 new fields for synchronization. These are and OID INTEGER4 field that should be the 1st field in the ASSETS table and a TIMESTAMP DATETIME field that should be the last field in the ASSETS table.

Before using the mobile app, select TOOLS > MOBILE OPERATIONS > GENERATE MOBILE TABLES from the main menu. This command creates several tables that will be used by the mobile application.

The TOOLS > MOBILE OPERATIONS > SYNCHRONIZE command is used to synchronize data between the database on the PC and the mobile application. In most cases this synchronization will be performed as soon as you connect the Mobile barcode scanner to the PC.

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I'd like to try out the Mobile application mentioned in your post above, but the link doesn't seem to work for me. We're a reseller of PDA's and integrator of mobile barcode solutions for all kinds of purposes, including asset management. I've been playing around with your AssetManage application and am impressed with the features it offers but since we specialize mainly in MOBILE solutions I'd like to have a look at your pre-release version. We'll also be looking if we can make an application of our own that will sync with AssetManage.

FYI, I found your website through your Google+ page, you followed us (Mobilize Your Data).

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