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I just downloaded your massive demo database and installed the program. My demo has nothing but a pre-formed UNITED STATES, General Issues under "My Collections". I've searched high and low for information as to how to add additional countries to My Collections. I also wonder what General Issues is supposed to be. Are there other sections under US?

Also, you speak of a Premier data set. I only found one download other then just the US. Is this download the premier data you reference in your manual?


The StampManage Downloads section at:


lets you download the entire StampManage Deluxe program with images or only with a limited number of images. You can also download the StampManage USA program 30 day trial.

The Collections section only shows the countries/categories for stamps that you have entered into 1 of your collections. The collections show the stamps you own, not the stamps in the program pre-defined stamp database. To enter stamps you own, click on the ADD STAMP toolbar button. You will be able to select stamps from all USA stamp sections such as Air Mail and Postage Due, etc.

as you enter stamps from different categories to a collection, you will see those categories show up in your collection display.

You can setup collections for different individuals, or create a collection for all your Plate Blocks, it is simply a way to group stamps in a manner that works for you.

To create a new collection, you can select FILE > NEW > COLLECTION from the main menu, or the CREATE COLLECTION icon on the toolbar.


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