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I am trying out your coin manage software and had a couple questions.

  1. What is the source for your coin prices and how often does it update?
  2. Are the updates to the coin prices free with the software?
  3. Is there a way to see the metal values for a collection? For example, I put 50 barber dimes in the software - is there a way to see how much the silver content of them is worth?
  4. Is there a way to put in cull coins that are only good for their silver content? For example - I have several barber dime "slicks" that are only barely determined to be barbers...other than the silver, they are worthless.

Thanks! Like what I see so far!


1/ We consult the leading value catalogs and online auction results. The PCGS values are direct from the PCGS site.

2/ Yes, you will receive free updates all during the year 2013.

3/ If you assign a coin the condition “B.V” its value will be the bullion value of the coin.

4/ In the Barber Dimes, you will see a “Type” listing,. This is used for listing coins such as the ones you mention. Give the coins the condition “B.V” to specify that their value is the current bullion value.

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Where does the "PCGS value" appear? All of the coins I have uploaded only refer to "Current Value", and those Current Values are not the same as on the PCGS website. Does that mean the software isn't up to date, or that the Current Value is from a different source?

PCGS is a popular coin grading service. See http://www.pcgs.com/ for more information. The PCGS values are meant to be for Certified coins graded by PCGS, you will find these coins in a PCGS coin holder with a unique identification number. CoinManage makes it easy for you to scan in certified PCGS coins simply by scanning the barcode on the coin holder.

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