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Entering Plate Blocks


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I've downloaded Stamp Manager and I'm enjoying the program so far. I

have one question. When entering plate blocks do I enter the quantity

of stamps in the block or enter the quantity as 1 for 1 plate block?


The program assumes you enter quantity of 1 and the stamp format is

Plate Block.


Thanks. I guess what I'm asking is to get the true value how would I

enter the stamp? For example, a Francis Scott Key 3-cent stamp is

worth 35 cents in mint condition. If I enter PB then it gives me a value of 90 cents.

However, there are 4 stamps in the block so the total value should be

at least $1.40. Even if I enter the quantity as 4 I still only get a

total value of 90 cents. Does that make sense?


Our experience is that a plate block is not always worth 4 times the

value of a single mint stamp. If you look at catalog values such as

SCOTT I think you can confirm this.


So if I have a block of 6 stamps should I enter the quantity as 1 for 1 block or 6 for 6 stamps? I have some blocks that are 6 stamps and some that are 4.


The Plate Block value should be for the number of stamps that is usually found in a plate block for that variety. We don't "compute" values for stamps like some other programs do. Assuming a block of 4 is worth 4 times the value of a single may work in some instances, but in many others, a block of 4 is very rare and worth much more or can be very common and worth less than the value of 4 stamps.

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