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Before I purchase, I am trying to determine from your online manual if AssetManage has the ability to assign barcodes to objects that do not possess barcodes by default, such as Artwork. I see that there is an option to scan and print barcodes but nothing about assigning barcodes. What I would like to do is create generic barcodes, print and affix to multiple artwork. Is this possible with AssetManage? If so, what section of the manual do I find these instructions? Thanks.


You can do it 2 ways, You can print out a series of barcodes using:


from the main menu. Enter the info for each barcode and then stick It on the asset.

The second method is just to enter all the asset information into the software. This will assign a unique asset number to the asset. Then use the OUTPUT LABELS USING.. command to print out labels for those assets.

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