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Hi there - In updating my stamp collection to your database, I've come across a lot of stamps missing out of individual countries. I could understand if these were all newer issues but my collection is probably 1950's an earlier but there are still a lot of individual stamps missing. Is there any plan to bring your file up to snuff i the future. If not what would be the easiest way to add the missing stamps.


We have people constantly adding to the program database, several thousand new entries each month. These updates can be downloaded free by paying customers of the current version.

The TOOLS > SUBMIT CHANGES TO LIBERTY STREET command will upload any changes you have made to the program database to us.

You can make changes by using TOOLS > STAMPMANAGE DATABASE EDITOR… or just enter a new scott number in the ADD STAMP dialog and it will be added to the program database if it is not currently in there.


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I've made some new additions through Tools> Stamp Data Manage... and done the Submit Changes to Liberty Street.  How long does it take for the changes to be accepted into the catalog?


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