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scanning coins into CoinManage


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Cannot scan photos with my Kodak scanner. See included email of JUly 07

One more try for an answer.

Albert Glenn Blanton

4210 St Anne Cove

Southaven Ms

From: Glenn Blanton

Sent: Sunday, July 07, 2013 1:36 PM

To: Paul

Subject: Still unable to scan from CoinManage 2013 to Kodak ESP7

Paul: I promise that this will be the last time I contact Liberty Street on this problem. Coin Manage is the only one of my programs that have this problem. I can scan from Adobe Elements 10, Microsoft paint, Word and Vuescan without this problem. I have been trying to get help from you and your site now ongoing for 6 months with no success. I contacted Kodak for their latest drivers just in case it had something to do with them. NO change. The attached file is the result of what happens when I scan a coin or a picture from your program. The computer then locks up and even task manager will not close the program. I then instruct the computer to shut down and the Coin Manage program shuts down and a screen shows up with the normal Kodak scan program on the screen. It appears that this program is running in the background while you software is trying to transfer the scan to your program. I think this is the other program that the error message is referring to change to and activate. As I mentioned earlier this does not happen on any of my other scanning programs. I wonder if it could have any thing to do with the Microsoft Thunking Spooler APIS from 32 to 64 Process and communication with Coin Manage.

Any help would be appreciated since I have been a faithful user since 2005 and upgraded with each change.

Albert Glenn Blanton


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