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Entering Blocks of 4, Se-Tenant pairs & FDCs.


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I recently purchased a copy of StampManage .... The program works great. I am not a stamp collector and the collect that I am cataloguing belongs to my father. Due to the fact that I am not a collector I have a few questions that I hope that you can either answer or direct me to another source. The questions are:

  1. I have been entering block of four stamps as “Blocks of Four” under “stamp type”. The question I have is, I am only able to value the stamps as singles. Is a block of four the same value as four singles? If they are more valuable how would I find the value of the block of fours?


For most modern and low value stamps multiplying the value by 4 is usually correct. But older and more rare stamps the value of a block of 4 could be much higher. It is usually best to consult the SCOTT catalog in such cases.

  1. I am unsure how to enter quantity when it comes to “se-tenant pairs” with either 2 or 4 separate types of stamps. Should they be entered as 2 pair (in the case of 2 stamp pairs) or 4 individual stamps?


You will notice that SCOTT has separate sub varieties for some se-tenant pairs. I would probably specify quantity 2 in the case of 2 se-tenant stamp pairs. 4 individual stamps sounds like quantity 1 and format would be a "strip of 4" You can enter your own formats in the stamp format dropdown if the one you want is not there.

  1. How do I enter 4 stamp first day of issue stamps? Are they entered as ‘1’ FDC or ‘4’ for each individual stamp with the price and type being FDCs?


4 different stamps on the same FDC? I would probably just enter the SCOTT numbers in the Scott number field and specify the format as FDC.

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