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Difference between Deluxe & Canada versions


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I wasn’t sure if I should send these questions to sales or information so if my questions need to be answered by someone in information, I would appreciate it if you would forward my question to the appropriate person, or advise me the best area to send my questions to as possibly different areas may handle the various questions I am asking.

I couldn’t find the answer in the forums or anywhere but in regards to StampManage and CoinManage there are Canadian versions of these products as well as the “Deluxe” version. My question is what is the difference between the deluxe and Canadian versions? For coins, I have mostly Canadian coins and some US coins and for stamps it is pretty well world wide so that is why I would like to know the difference between these versions and which version would be the best for me to purchase.


The Deluxe version includes all the data and images you would find in the Canada only version. So there is no difference between the Canada and Deluxe versions in regards to Canadian data. This applies to CoinManage and StampManage. CurrencyManage has only 1 version which includes USA and Canadian Paper Money listings.

Is the manual available for electronic download when I purchase the electronic downloads or is the manual only available when you purchase the CD versions?


The manual for any downloaded product can be found in the folder where you installed. In the case of StampManage this is usually something similar to:

\\Program Files\StampManage

You will find 2 manuals in PDF format, one for the program itself, the other for the report designer.

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