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Unix, Barcodes and other Questions


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I contacted you all yesterday about your AssetManage Enterprise edition. The questions you answered were enlightening and I just had a few more.

1. Can your software run on a Unix operating system? Or would I need an emulator?

2. Is there anyway to integrate it with a SMS (Microsoft System Management Database) system that tracks assets on the network?

3. Will it integrate with existing US barcodes? Or is this more the function of the actual scanner?


1/ The AssetManage Client is a Microsoft Windows program. It will work on Windows XP and later. It is possible it could work on top of a PC Emulator for Unix, but I can't say we have verified this.

2/ We don't have a feature that interacts directly with SMS, however it would be possible to import data collected by SMS in CSV or Excel format.

3/ This is a function of the scanner. Note that the program lets you print out barcodes and will print out barcodes in virtually any common barcode format.

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