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Tracking Tools in Trucks, etc..


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We are looking for a software package that will track all of our equipment, office furnishings, computers, cell phones, trucks, etc. We are a small company with a large amount of equipment and a small budget. I am trying to make sure this software will do everything we need it to do.

I am trying to make sure it will provide the reports we are looking for.

We want to run reports by:

Employee – what equipment does the employee have assigned to them

Truck – What tools are in the truck

Equipment – who is it assigned to, what are maintenance schedules

Cell Phones – Who has it, model, etc.

Also, we want to know if this software requires the use of barcodes/scanners. If so, do you know approximately how much the equipment would cost?


The program has these type of reports. For the Truck report, you would probably define each truck as a "location" and enter the tools it contains into it.

It does not require the use of scanners. You can print out barcodes directly from the software if you need to. If you just need a simple barcode scanner that scans barcodes one by one they would cost about $125 each. For a "PDA" type scanner that could use our Windows Mobile app, that would cost around $900 for a Motorola MC 55 or similar scanner

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