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Bullion Value Does Not Update

Guest paulM

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Downloaded the Deluxe fix and Norton IS reported:

Category: Resolved Security Risks

Date & Time,Risk,Activity,Status,Recommended Action,Path - Filename

9/23/2013 5:05:58 PM,Medium,coinmng2013setup.exe (WS.Reputation.1) detected by Download Insight,Removed,Resolved - No Action Required,c:\...\coinmng2013setup.exe

and deleted the file.

After changing Norton IS to allow download, installing this fix did not restore the ability to update bullion values.

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Does anyone know if there is an alternate mechanism for receiving support for this product? Replies from the company on this forum seem to rarely take place and sending an email takes weeks for a response. I don't expect an hourly turn around, but surely over a week is pushing things a bit in terms of acceptable customer support.


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sorry about that, the Deluxe download should be:


will have the Canada and UK versions ready for next Monday.

Today is Thursday and no information on the update, do you mind providing the date on which you anticipate releasing the Canada version (I assume your reference to next Monday wasn't what I considered "next" as that's already passed)?


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