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Amazing Stamp Identifier Program


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Check out this stamp identification program called LignUp at:


Demo versions of the Windows and Mac versions can be found at:


I believe the demos only work with USA stamps. To check out the accuracy, select:


from the StampManage main menu. Then in the lignup program choose any image from the 347 folder which is the USA. The accuracy seems pretty good.

It even works with a webcam..It is a good way to find the SCOTT number of stamps you are having trouble identifying as it returns results from eBay, BidStart, Delcampe and more, the return listings usually specify the SCOTT number of the stamp found.

Only $1 a month to sign up for the 440,000 stamp world search.

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Just installed the demo and was not impressed. Yes, one can search for and retreive similar stamp images from several websites including Decamp, ebay and others but the software does not identify the original stamp image. In fact, the software returns so many images it makes it difficult to determine which of the images are relevant to the specific stamp in question. The software may well return an image that is a correct match, but picking out that image for 30 or 40 images that do not correctly identify the stamp is more hassle than it is worth.

Do not expect this sofftware to come back with a single image that correctly identifies your stamp. It will come back with dozens of images from several internet sites that are similar to the queried image. It does not check watermarks, perfs, color. Not sufficiently helpful to justify the cost, in my opinion.

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