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I am a novice at attempting to use the Stamp Manage program, I like it but I have some questions about defining certain parts of the program.

I have a fairly extensive Canadian collection that I have done nothing with for a number of years, I now have the time to spend on my collection. But I am confused about the definitions shown below. Is there someplace in the Stamp Manager that I can find these answers. I can make judgement calls but the listings do not seem to go from poor to best explanation.

Where would I find the definitions of each of the following categories:

1. Grading;

A. The differences between F, VG, VF & XF, and

B. What is FDC?

2. Hinged;

The differences between Hinged, Very Lightly, Lightly, & Heavily Hinged and Hinge Mark & Remnant?

3. Centering;

The differences between Poor, Average, Fine, Very Fine & Superb?

4. Gum (Considering that all used stamps have no Gum);

The differences in that all Canadian Stamps were "gummed" when sold or had "self adhesive" I cannot understand the need unless the stamp was RG.

5. Cancel;

What are the differences between an Average, Heavy or Light cancellation?

I would appreciate if you could send me in the direction to get these queries answered. Thanks,


Here are a couple sites that should help you:



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