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Gold, Silver, Platinum bullion coin values


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You have the text below on your website marketing page … for bullion coins

  • Automatically retrieve bullion spot prices from the Internet.
  • Recalculate your Bullion coin values based on the latest spot prices.
  • Great for finding the current values of American Eagles and other bullion coins you own.
  • Listings for the most common bullion coins from around the world, including Krugerrands, Gold Maple Leafs, etc..
  • Allows entry of gold bars.

Does your software allow the first two steps to occur with regular graded and ungraded coins ….. if I put all my coins in your program once; do I

have to enter the values of each individual again and again later on to keep my collections value current OR can I access your sources and have the new values loaded into my “report” electronically based upon the “grade” I have given them?


CoinManage uses a "grade" called B.V. to specify that the coin's value is it's bullion value. All coins you enter with the grade "B.V" will have there value set to the most recent Silver, Gold or Platinum value. If a coin has a grade, it can still take the bullion value if the value for the grade is less than the bullion value of the coin. To get the latest spot prices you would need to select TOOLS > BULLION VALUES... from the main menu.

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