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I love this software. It's easy to use and the customizations I can do are perfect. I have a tendency to rely on my phone and my tablet more than my PC these days. I know I can export my collection as an excel spreadsheet which I am able to view on my mobile devices and is handy but cumbersome. Is there any talk in developing a mobile app that can sync with mt desktop version?


Hi, we are looking at doing an Android version that would sync up with the PC version. Can't say when or what features will be in the app as we are just starting the process.

Please note that our reporting lets you export to quite a few formats that our friendly with tablets, including PDF, Excel and HTML

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is not going too well to be honest.

The problem is that customers would expect to use the same data file across platforms

We hav'ent found a great solution for that, may need to convert from Microsoft Access to a format the Apple iPhone / iPad can use.

We have started on the Apple App but can't give a finish date at this time.

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I have the same app coin collection and it's severely lacking. It would be nice to have something integrated with coin manage.  

Bacon you know you can print off a checklist with CM. I printed off one. But an app would mean I don't gave to carry it around all the time

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