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Importing Data and Depreciation Method


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Importing a spreadsheet or CSV file that includes a depreciation method column can be a problem. There is no foolproof way to map the fields as AssetManage stores the depreciation method as a number internally.

After importing data, you can set the depreciation method for multiple assets easily. Simply:

1/ Select the assets to be changed, right mouse click and select PROPERTIES from the popup menu. (see attached screenshot 1)

2/ From the PROPERTIES dialog, select the DEPRECIATION METHOD to be set for all the selected assets (see attached screenshot 2)



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Is there any way to define a new depreciation method (other than the included: Straight-Line, Sum of Years, Double Declining Balance, Percentage Annually, 150% Declining Balance, 125% Declining Balance, 175% Declining Balance)? If not, is there a way to access the underling math that defines the included methods?



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