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Photographing Coins


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Here’s a question for you, the camera/microscope I’m using is the Lighthouse brand that all the

coin supply guys are selling. I’m very dissatisfied with the results. Would you happen to

know what imaging product the pros are comfortable with?


I can't say I remember any customers telling us about a coin camera they recommend, but here is a web-site that plugs the MK Photo-eBox that is used to photograph objects similar to coins. I have never used it but maybe it is worth a look:


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I was looking into buying one of those camera/microscope ones as well but decided to try my Microsoft Lifecam that I use to Skype with my Daughter in Budapest, while there is no magnification for the photos per see but you can change the photos from 320x320 up to 1080p I believe - it takes very nice pictures because it has a great focusing lens. Works great for including photos with the cataloging software.

You'll just need to use a separate loupe for searching out smaller details and coin errors..The life cam can wrap around something for stability but there is also a little hook on it's base which I use to hang it from the edge of different size cans depending on which coin I'm photographing (used a Campbell's soup can last week for silver 1948 .50 cent coins

A couple of pictures I took





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