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1/ Is the data I enter into Home Manage stored internally or on a cloud?

The data is stored in a file called ASSETS.MDB, you can set the directory where this file resides to somewhere on the network, an external drive, your hard drive, etc... The file is Microsoft Access format and it can be opened using Microsoft Access. You DO NOT have to have Access on your machine to use the program.

2/ Can we have Liberty Street customize the program for us? As in, can we add categories, fields, change currency, etc?

The program lets you add new categories, there are over 100 user defined fields. The currency used by the program is the currency set in your Windows control panel. The program is not "multi-currency" so you can' for example store the cost in USD or CAD at the same time.

3/ Are there any additional fees that I should expect in the future (upgrades, updates)?

The 2014 upgrade is free to anyone who purchased since Jan 1. 2014. It would cost 19.95 to upgrade to a major new version. Updates to the exsiting version are free to download if you have purchased that version.
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