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Count Stamps and Count Images

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Hi everyone...

Im from Argentina and sorry for my english...

My problem is that... I want to do a report with my stamps database that throw me the total ammount of stamps in my database and in the sameone a total of stamps that have image and the stamps that doesn't have one...

Example Argelia: Total 3000 stamps; With Image: 2500 Without: 500.

I tried to do some reports with the report tool but i dont understand the program language that stampmanage use...

If someone knows how to do this request of mine i will be very delightfull to hear...

Edit: Im using StampManage 2013

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I think the StampManage Database Summary report will do this.


from the main menu.

The report covers the entire StampManage database so it takes about 40 minutes to run. We will add the ability to run it just for a single country at some point. To see the current data for StampManage deluxe view:



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