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Changing Location for Multiple Stamps


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I collect only United States Mint Stamps and now have ten albums.

Last year I bought and used the (xxxx) software by (yyyy). I liked some features, but found that updates and additions were expensive and the program had some limitations on reports. It did have an entry that could be applied to location (Book and Page number) but it did not generate reports that grouped the stamps by location like your software.

I bought the Liberty Street software after noticing the reports feature had location and grouped the location reports as a point of reference and decided I could apply it as the point of reference in my inventory and reports. That is where I could find a particular stamp.

So far it works except adding location as a group is very tedious when you are talking thousands of stamps.

If I select all the stamps on a particular page (holding down the control key) and choose the grade that saves time. But the location I type (Book and Page number) only populates the group info on the first stamps information, but will not populate the group (header) on all the stamps in the group. To get that to happen every stamp must be individually pointed to that location.

Worse yet, the last location typed then needs to be selected from the long drop down list. And if I erase the list all the location info disappears from the report.

Is there any way to assign all the stamps in a group to a location without doing every one? Also why doesn't the last location stay populated in the box instead of scrolling through a very long list each time?


It does make sense to set the location for every selected entry, we will make sure that works for upcoming new free update.

There is currently a way to change the location (and several other fields) for multiple stamps at a time.

See Screenshots

1/ Select the stamps that need changes, right mouse-click and choose PROPERTIES from the popup menu.

2/ In the PROPERTIES window, set the PRESENT LOCATION field. When you hit OK, the Location will be set to this for all the stamps you selected in step 1.



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