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Face Value and Denomination Fields


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I’ve been working stamps hard and heavy the past couple of weeks and have sent several messages – here’s another.

I discovered that both fields exist in the varieties table. I believe that the denomination field is a text field and the face value field is designated for currency values.

However, the face value field does not show up in the field list in the columns tab of the preferences screen reached from the tools menu item.

Could or would you add the face value field to that listing of fields in the columns tab of the preferences screen the next time you do an update?

That would allow us to enter “Forever” or the stamp face value in the denomination field and enter the actual face value in the face value field.

That would require some data rebuilding but – what else does an old man like me have to do??


That is correct. The Face Value is a currency field as that will make sorting possible. I realize that makes entering Forever stamps difficult, but we added it so users will be able to specify that a stamp is worth its face value in the future, I suppose you could just enter the Postal rate at the time the Forever stamp was issued.

We will add the face value column to to the Preferences, it was recently added so the majority of stamps do not have it defined yet. We are working to fix that.

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