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Silver Prices and Coins


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Is there a way to add silver prices to the coins so that it has a separate total. I have coins that the collection value is about $3 but the silver content is $6. I wanted to be able to list a silver price somewhere in the program and then a silver content to the coin and weight so it calculates automatically. Is this possible?


To give a coin the current value of a metal, select B.V. as the "grade" (see screenshot). If you don't see "B.V" in the values list for a coin that should have it... it is probably because you have not yet downloaded the latest SPOT prices. (TOOLS > BULLION VALUES). CoinManage will automatically calculate the bullion value of such coins. The value will also be updated each time you download the latest spot prices and select APPLY VALUES TO COLLECTION(S) from the TOOLS menu.



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