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2014 SM will not display stamp images, only my scans


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After receiving my 2014 update and loading it I found that the disc was corrupted and had a read/write error so I uninstalled it. Great Mind Software sent me a replacement immediately but even though it said the installation was successful, the program would not load correctly or run. I tried uninstalling all of the previous versions but cold not uninstall the 2009. 10 or 11 versions. I had to manually delete all the files that I could find to get rid of them and was eventually successful. After installing the 2014 version and restoring the MDB file all of my data showed up and only the scans of my stamps in the US collection. I have not checked the foreign countries. The search program will not search with the Scott number but will with other fields.

I sent a query to Techsupport on November 10th and have not received a reply from Paul or anyone.

This is an absolutely great program. The exact opposite from tech support. I want it to work.

Can you help? Is remote repair available?

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Hi, I believe you got this fixed by re-installing the software again. Please let me know if that is not the case.

If you download the "small demo", then purchase the software..you will need to download again and install in order to get the many images from remaining countries into the software. I believe this is what fixed your problem.

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