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Stamp Manage Prefs & Option Settings


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Hello All,

I have a couple of "Can I do this & if so, how?" questions.

  1. On the General Tab, in the 'Add Stamp' > 'Value' window, is it possible to hide everything except FDC?
  2. On the Additional Info tab, in the Postmark window, how can I make it remember the previous entries for these 3 fields? IE: if I have a qty of cachets all postmarked in a city, it would be nice if it autofilled as I was typing a previously entered City, State, Zip, Date, Etc.

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Thanks for getting back with me, I appreciate it.

I would like to throw in another thought on Item 2 if I may...

  • What exactly is the "Type" field for? I interpret that to be the same as on the General tab, Condition of Stamp, Cancel field, (Avg, Fancy, Heavy, Light, Pre, etc). I am pretty new to this, so I am probably missing something....
  • I would like to suggest that instead of just "City", that it was broken down to 3 fields, City, State, Zip. Filling in City & State would offer suggested zips, or filling in zip would autopopulate City & State.
  • As far as the Postmarks, Date field, i would suggest that it work like the Purchase or Sold date fields, (Dropdown calendar selection).

Just a couple of thoughts for you,


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Hi, well we already added your suggestion for the autofilled postmark type and city for the upcoming 2015 version.. For better explanation of types of Postmarks, check out this presentation:


breaking down the postmark city is a good idea, Im not sure if we can make it into 2015.

We will try to implement the postmark date as suggested. The problem with a dropdown calendar though is that is usually used to pick recent dates. With old postmarks its a pain to pick it from a popup calendar.

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