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Speed of reply from USELESS support


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Got the CoinManage 20215 UK on the 13th December.

Tried installing it and it kept failing.

So sent an email to support waited 4 weeks till the 15th Jan and no reply.

So tried the live chat.

I asked if they had got my email replied almost straight away yes I can see it and some information about my problem.

So I asked why they had not replied to my email, rely "we are very busy."

I also asked when if ever he UK version was going to brought up to date an I the USA version was up to date.

The USA version is up to date as more people buy it than the UK.

So the UK version is a poor cousin of the USA version, and I quote "most people who buy the UK version only want it for the older coins. He also said they had just bought some books.

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The UK version is updated later than the other versions that is correct. The reason being that the USA and other versions sell many times more than the UK. That was true even when we spent hundreds of hours updating the UK version a few years back. Same is true of our CurrencyManage program, we update it every 2 years or so as has always been al.ot less popular than our other products. That was the case even years ago when we spent months of time adding all the National Bank notes and tons of other data.

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I'm having similar issues with slow/no support. I updated my Coinmanage Canada on March 25th - that day the key automatically emailed to me didn't work. I've been using the program for the 30 days 'Trial period', but now that that is passed, I have no more access to any of my collections - NOTHING NADA. Either the new or Old versions are not working. I'm very frustrated.

I contacted Tech-support right away when the key wouldn't work... and again at least once a week since then, and have had no response what so ever.

Is there an 800 number to contact directly by phone? I don't even know if they have received my emails, as they are through the "online service" - which of course has been off line every time I go there - and leave a message.

Respectfully, You have my money, can I please use your program, as my collection remains in limbo - until I hear from you or change software - at which point you won't hear from me again!

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