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Adding Images Crashes on Win 8.1


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I purchased Home Manage because Quicken Inventory is not available for Win 8.1. Little did I know that Quicken does not export to comma delimited (.csv). So I bought Attic Inventory which imports Quicken files and exports to .csv. Then I imported the .csv to HM.

I am now adding images to my items by going to the item edit and then the images tab. I'll add an image and when I press OK windows comes up with the program failing and it will seek a solution. I then have to close the program, when I return to the item the image is attached. This is going to be tedious to crash on every image being attached.

I also notice that I can't get the insurance company associated with the item but I can get the policy. When I imported the items it was done with Geico as the insurance company. Geico shows on new items in the drop down but when selected or typed in it does not get saved to the item.

These sort of things I find irritating and make me feel that HM is not a good choice for me. But I have already invested a lot of time and monies into it.

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i give up, i tried posting twice and got kicked out both times. this will be the third. this one it took and now i am editing it. My original problem with this forum was that i wrote a three paragragh in depth explanation of how or when this error occures and then was told you have to register to post.. why not tell me that before all the typing. After registering i couldn't get back to the post. Anyway here is a very condensed version of that post for the second time.

select item and then the item pix tab. load image and then select edit. crop photo and save. close editor and then select ok at bottom of the items properties tab and you get the error.

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Here is another issue I have found that relates to photo's. If I am on the main screen with an item selected, the photos for that item appear in the bottom left hand frame. If I right click on one of these photos and select delete it not only deletes the photo i clicked on but another one as well. For instance when i deleted image 10 the software deleted image 10 and 1. Another time it deleted image 10 and 6, which is a real problem as I don't remember what 6 was but i do know it was pulled from my camera and no longer exists on my camera so its just gone.

I am using windows 8

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Hi there! I too am experiencing this same issue... the software crashes pretty much after every image I copy into an item. I'm using Win 8.1, and the process I'm following is:

1. Add item

2. Complete relevant details

3. Copy image from a website (I tried saving one of the images & it's only 11kb so don't think size is the issue)

4. Paste into Item Pictures tab

5. Ok

I really like the software, however this bug is very frustrating and time consuming. Can you please advise if there's a fix?

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I have more subtle problems with images using Windows 7 (documented in other tickets), and I found that using "Disable desktop composition" in the compatibility settings for the program helped ease, but not eliminate, my problems.

As a way to help debug your problem, I suggest testing to see if changing the compatibility settings will fix or ease your problem. If you are not familiar with compatibility settings, here is a page from Microsoft's website which explains how to make the change. The changes, by the way, are totally reversible.


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