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Topical Collecting & stamp data additions


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Recent question regarding StampManage....

Can you please answer a couple of questions for me regarding the Stamp Manage 2015 Deluxe Edition?

  1. As I read the information on your website, am I correct in understanding that if your database does not have a particular stamp that has been issued then I can enter the stamp myself and increase the database this way? For example I collect specifically issues from the country of Dominica and your info indicates that there are 407 stamps in your database with 239 images whereas Dominica has issued over 2800 stamps of which I have over 2500. Am I correct that I will be able to increase the specific country database to include all that I have including scanned images plus any that have been issued that I do not yet have?

* Yes that is correct. Many of our text & image additions the past couple years have been by customers who entered the data in the way you describe. To submit any changes you have made to use for inclusion in the software, please click on the SUBMIT CHANGES button you will find on the main toolbar.

  1. If the above question is yes, is this done through the “Add Stamp Wizard” or “Stamp Data Manager” or are these the same?

* Both ways can result in additions to the database. The Stamp Data Manager is the way to enter many stamps in one sitting. The Add Stamp Wizard will add any new variety data or image you add while cataloging the stamp using the wizard.

  1. If I have a topical collection, for example SCUBA Diving, does your database for each stamp allow for a code in a specific field to select on so that I could run a report and pull all items from the various countries based on a specific field, or would I have to input a specific database just for the topical collection?

* Each stamp can have up to 3 topics assigned to it. You can later view or output reports on the stamps grouped by topic.

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