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Did I get the 2015 update? US/Canada catalog only through 2012


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I recently installed the 2015 update, and last year installed the 2014 update. Originally purchased the 2013 version. However, when I look in the catalog for both US and Canada it only has issues through 2012 (there is one issue for 2013 for the US). Am I seeing the proper database?

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your help.

I ran the Update StampManage Data File command. The progress box showed it reading a file with 2015 in its name. After that it indicated that a number of stamp entries were being changed. However, after it completed there still were no 2013-2014 stamps in the catalogue. I then exited and restarted StampManage in case a restart was necessary after the update, but that did not change anything. Then I started an Internet Backup only to get a fatal error. There was an option to send an error report which I accepted, so you should have an email with a zip file attachment.


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I found a way to solve this problem:

1. Backup my current database from Stamp Manage.

2. Rename the Stamp Manage folder in My Documents to something else.

3. Re-install Stamp Manage (into a newly created Stamp Manage folder rather than over the prior release).

4. Start the new Stamp Manage. Verify that the Catalogue now shows 2013 and 2014 issues and also a number of countries (e.g., Netherlands) that had disappeared from the database.

5. Restore the backup from step 1. Since this appeared to simply be restoring the older MDB, I was afraid that my problem would return, but it didn't.

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