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AssetManage Enterpjrise & MySQL


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I've been using the trial of AssetManage and am absolutely in love with it. It's perfect for what we've been trying to implement, and we will most likely be purchasing licenses.

We had a few quick questions in regards to using SQL if we went with Enterprise.

If we want to use a cloud based MySQL server, hosted by a 3rd party solution, would it be easy to link that to Asset Manage Enterprise? Or does it only work with local storage servers?

Thank you, any and all information would be very helpful to our purchasing decision!


The Enterprise will work with any ODBC compatible database. MySQL is ODBC compatible.. but you should download the demo and setup the database to make sure it will work in your environment. There are many different versions of MySQL and it can be a bit tricky., There is a section in the manual that should detail how to setup the ODBC connection, you can access it by selecting HELP > USER MANUAL from the main menu. It is also in PDF format where you install the program (usually \\PROGRAM FILES\ASSETMANAGE ENTERPRISE)

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download trail version.

I m trying to connect MYSQL Database.

taken db script from below location

....\Program Files\AssetManage Enterprise\UPSIZE\MySQL ,found tutorial

AssetMng.sql is not mysql db script,actual its and MS SQL script.

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