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Question regarding moving to a new computer


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Good morning,

I am going to order the update, but first need some advice.

I have the data portion of the old program backed up – at least I think I do. I have purchased a new computer and want to install the update on my new computer. How do I import the backed up data.

Perhaps as a safety precaution, I should order the 2015 update on a CD, this way if the program gets corrupted, I always have a fall-back.

Please advise on the data transfer and then I can order.


Hi, you should be able to install 2015 on the new computer, then use the FILE > RESTORE command to retrieve your backup. You can try it with the demo version on your new machine to verify it works.

Regarding ordering a CD. You can always download the program from our web-site, there is no time limit. So it is not necessary to have a CD but some people prefer having a CD and that is fine.

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