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Another bug


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When entering records through the Stamp Data Manager Stamps - Text window I get the following error "The search key was not found in any record" (see screen capture).

You cannot delete or edit the record or do anything with it. I tried to delete it through the Stamp Data Manager and when that was unsuccessful I went into the database varieties table through Access and got the same error.

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I went straight to the Stamp-Text window and enter a record and got the same problem. I have a record that is not correct, with no way to edit it or delete it. It happens when I choose to add a subvariety. I also noticed that when you add a catalog value at the bottom, the value is not saved. I noticed this when after entering a record, I immediately went to add it to my collection and no values showed up.

Also it would be nice If the Stamp-Text window had an Edit button like the Stamp-Image window

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I corrected the Index problem by going into Access, using the Database tools to compact and repair the database. This allowed me to edit and or delete the affected record. But the catalog values that I entered in the Stamp-Text window were not saved.

It would be useful if the database tools were added to Stamp Manage for people that do not have MS Access

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my computer crashed and had to get a new one

I put in the 2013 Stampmanage deluxe cd and start setup(see attached liberty street-.jpg) and start setup and it start processing

and then it asks me for disk #2 (see attached)

there is only 1 disk.


hi, that error means the disk is bad, or in the case of a download that that download was corrupted. Can you try downloading StampManage Deluxe from this link

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