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It's difficult to edit drop down Item Properties fields like Category


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Using Category as an example, if you start to enter a category like "L" the program shows the word Ladders with "adders" highlighted. You can't use the backspace key to erase the L to enter another letter. As you continue typing, as long as you match the spelling of an existing category, you can't erase any of the letters which match the category.

Using the same example, if you move the cursor between "L" and "a" in Ladders and press Delete, the program deletes the "a" and moves the cursor to the end of the field, leaving you with "Ldders".

The only way you can edit the field after you start typing is to highlight all the letters you want to replace and type over them. The other alternative is to drop down the list and make a choice, but my issue here is with trying to type into a field. The program does not follow the "standard" way which Windows allows you to edit fields.

This problem affects other fields which are drop down fields.

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