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Copy and Paste into data fields for different items

Joe M

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Is it possible to copy and paste into a data field for multiple/different inventory items (in different locations) at one time?

Or...In other words, can you highlight different data fields for each item then paste the same information for all highlighted items?

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Yes you can change a value in multiple items at the same time.

First, select all the items you want to change on the right side using the standard methods (i.e. click on the first item, then hold down the Ctrl key and click on other items to add them to the group of selected items). This means that you first have to get all the items visible together on the right side. Since you say the items are in different locations, most likely you will have to select a criteria like Category or one of the Views to get a short list of items to select from. For example, suppose that you want to add the same manufacturer to five chairs. You might first select "Chairs" on the Category tab, and then select the five chairs you want to change.

After the items have been selected, press the "Proprties" (sic) button on the ribbon, and add information to the Properties dialog. The changes you make will affect all five chairs. Any fields you leave blank on the Properties dialog will not be changed for any of the chairs. I don't believe you can delete a field from multiple items this way, though.

Keep in mind that for a half dozen fields there is a way for you to update the value for that field in every place where it is used. These fields the Locations/Rooms, Categories, and most of the fields on the View tab. For example, suppose you created a Manufacturer called "Rosental", and then you realized that the spelling should have been "Rosenthal". On the View tab, click Manufacturers, and then Rosental. Right click on Rosental and choose Properties. Now change the Manufacturer's name in the Edit Manufacturer box to Rosenthal, and this change will apply to all places where Rosental was used. You will note that you can also use this properties box to add information about the Manufacturer, such as an address or website.

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