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Feature request: Make Description field for Category longer.


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When you add more than 50 characters to the Description in Category you get this message:

The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data. (3163)

However, the program appears to store the data anyway.

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Actually, it appears that error message isn't erroneous. The "long" Descriptions appear to be stored in the Categories for the session. However, if you close HomeManage and then reopen it the long descriptions are no longer there.

I am changing the title of this thread from

False error message when adding more than 50 chars of text to Category Description


Feature request: Make Description field for Category longer.

I suggest a fairly long limit, like 500 or 1024 chars, whatever HomeManage normally uses for long text fields.

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The CategoryName field is set to have a maximum length of 50 characters in the database. I wish we could simply set it to a higher number but there are thousands of customers using older versions of the software and that could cause problems upgrading. So for now we have just limited the amount of text that can be entered into the name field to 50 characters. It should have been limited before so no more than 50 characters could be entered.

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