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'Deleted Items' Missing


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We purchased the AssetManage Enterprise 2015 software a few weeks ago and finally

finished adding our laptop inventory to the system.

At this point, we’re unable to find the “Deleted Items” location/section which is shown in the

Getting Started guide. No such sections exists under the location tab.

We can, however, still search for and find the deleted items but cannot open them to view

any details. They do not appear in any list other than the search result.

Is there a way to add the show the Deleted Items section?

Also, is it possible to "disable" the possibility to "Delete" items? If it is just possible to delete items, the system would not be auditable cause items can just "disappear".

thank you for your feedback.

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You can manually create the DELETED ITEMS folder by editing the LSSLocations table.

Add a new row with:

LocationName : Deleted Items

Type : 666

The program uses the Location with Type 666 as the Deleted Items folder

Currently, you cannot forbid the deletion of assets

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