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Let's see if we can get the software working as described in your manual on page 43, paragraph 4.3, CREATING NEW REPORTS. It seems like a simple straightforward process.

I selected Reports > Create Collection Reports. The New Collection Report dialog box on page 44 appeared.

I selected Landscape for Paper Orientation. I selected UNITED STATES for Title. There is no explanation for Save As Report. I entered STAMPSSORTEDEBYSCOTTNUMBER. I clicked on Show Totals Summary. I entered SCOTT NUMBER for Sort By: I skipped Group By: I then selected the fields to be included in the report.

I then clicked on Create Report and Design and the Layout Preview dialog box appeared. The title of the report was OK, but fields selected were incorrect and the only stamp listed was Scott 73 which I had not yet entered into my inventory. If I close this dialog box I go back to the New Collection Report dialog box. If I then click on Create Report and Close the dialog box disappears.

There are no instructions as to how to edit the report, or to find it, if it has been created.


Save as report is the filename that will be used to save the report. So when you later select FILE > GOTO REPORTS FOLDER you will see a new report file with that name and the extension .lst

You can run the report you created by selecting OUTPUT REPORT USING... then select the report that you created previously.

You can edit the report as well by selecting REPORTING > EDIT REPORT... and select the file

The SCOTT #73 is the example stamp that you will see when you install the demo, you can go ahead and delete that stamp.

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