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Using Same Database from Different Machines


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I have CoinManage 2015 installed on my laptop and desktop. Is there a way to configure CoinManage to use the same database no matter which machine I'm on? While I realize that both version won't be able to run at the same time, it would still be easier than copying the DB from machine to machine all the time. If you have a way to do this, I'd be interested in trying it.


Yes you can share the database on your local home or business network. What you need to do is set the DATABASE DIRECTORY on your network where all users have READ/WRITE access to that folder. They will be able to use the program at the same time with the same database file. The only limitation is they would not be able to edit the same coin record at the same time.

The Database directory can be set during install of the program or later changed in the Preferences (TOOLS > PREFERENCES)

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