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Question About Canadian Covers


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I have a large Canadian Cover collection that I would like to enter into my 2015 StampManage program. This collection is basically a collection of pre postage stamp & early postage stamp era town cancellations on covers, not first day covers.

It seems I cannot make a “new” COLLECTION by setting up contents for the column I would like to use without including “Scott cat #”. There are no Scott nor any other number system for this collection. I must set up my own numbering system. An example might be using a county such as Richmond and then enter in all towns within the county... eg: Rich1, Rich2 as a numbering system, followed by “Postmark City”, Postmark Date, Postmark type, etc. I would of course want to add pictures of each cover.

Is there a way to do such a collection?

Can I save this collection to be viewed in Microsoft Excel?


Ok, basically you would like to define columns for individual collections. I can understand why you would need to do this for the situation described. Unfortunately StampManage will currently allow you to only define a global column format for all collections. Changing the columns for each collection is not easy but not too hard and we will try to make it happen in the next major version.

You can export any collection to Microsoft Excel, you simply right mouse click on the report, RUN a report and choose Microsoft Excel from the Print dialog dropdown.


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