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Permissions Problems


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We have seen this issue a couple times. LIke most Windows applications, CoinManage puts the data file in a folder under the MY DOCUMENTS folder. If that folder is set to read only there will be problems. Below is an email thread describing the issue and resolution.


I have completed the registration process on my desktop and laptop. New problem, laptop will not open with my user profile, only as administrator. Unable to do anything with data base to get file to open??? Am I going to have to uninstall and reinstall app?


Hi, does your user profile have some permissions restrictions. In the past we have seen restrictions such as the MY DOCUMENTS folder was set to read only, the program will not work with such serious restrictions as it usually writes to a data file under the MY DOCUMENTS folder as specified by Microsoft.


Thanks for help. Thought I had removed read only but still there when I reopened properties. Little more complicated to do than I thought. If interested here is link that shows you how to remove “Read Only”.

http://superuser.com/questions/866120/cant-remove-read-only-attribute-from-folder-windows-8-1, but you probably already know this.

Works on windows 10!


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From: Roland [mailto:rgreen2@eatel.net]

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