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Multiple entries of same exact coin.


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Im currently evaluating the software to determine if I shall purchase it and I came across 2 things I wanted to ask.

1. I've been slowly adding all my collection which consists of multiple copies of the same whitman books. After adding several books of Lincoln pennies I noticed I now have 4 lines of the exact same 1958-D penny. Same grade, etc. Why when adding an additional copy of the exact same coin does it not simply increase the qty field instead of creating a new record? Is there a way to automatically combine these 4 coins into 1 record with a qty of 4 or do I need to delete 3 records manually and change the 4th to a qty of 4?

2. From the want list why cant you right click and get an option to add to collection or simply drag and drop the record to a collection? I realize you wouldnt be able to add items to the record but it would be in the collection. This way I have to add every coin twice. Once in the want list then once in the collection.

3. I added a few coins to the database (US coins that were missing a few of the 2015 varieties) then when I go to add them to my collection I get "record not found". Ill get more data on that later.

I will say so far I am rather impressed with the software, especially the reporting abilities.


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1/ Hi, the reason we don't do that is some users would rather see a separate entry for each coin. Let's say for example the 4 coins were purchased from different dealers. If their was only 1 listing with quantity 4 their would be no way to specify the different dealer for each individual coin.

If you are seeing duplicate entries and not sure why this I happening.. it is probably because you are pressing the APPLY button and then the OK button in the ADD COIN dialog.

Each of these actions will add the currently specified coin to inventory. Either simply click the OK button or choose the CLOSE button after you have clicked on APPLY.

2. That is a good idea we will add It to our to do list. You should be able to drag to a collection, that Is not working for you. When you add a coin to inventory using the ADD COIN dialog CoinManage will remove it from the Want List if it is ther

3. Ok, we can fix that, will try to reproduce here.

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