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Resetting the StampManage ID numbers


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G'day to you,

Greetings from Oz. It is a beautiful blue sky of our first week of spring, after the coldest winter in 40 years.

I have been practising by working with StampManage 2015 for the past couple of months. I got off to a bit of a wobbly start, but now under control. I would like to enter real stamps from my collection.

I want to reset the StampManage ID number back to 1.

Even though I've have deleted and cleared all the practice stamps, the present ID number just increases by +1 even though I don't have any stamps in any of the " My Collection"s

If I can't reset. How can I start a completely new stamp StampData.mdb file.

Hopefully, this will start ID at 1???


The Stamp Manage data file STAMPDATA.MDB is a Microsoft Access format data file. The Stamp Manage ID field is an AUTONUMBER field which means when you add a new item it will be assigned a unique id. When we ship the program the data file is empty and the first id will be 1 and continue by increments of 1.

When you delete items, the ID that item used is not reset until you COMPRESS the data file. The file can be compressed by opening it in Microsoft Access and then select the COMPRESS command. We were not expecting so much interest in the Stamp Manage ID field so we did not build a compress command into the program. We will look at doing this for the next major version.​

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