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1986 Silver Eagles


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Hi, I’m using the trial version of Coin Manage 2015. I would like to add 1986 Silver Eagles to my collection. However, I don’t see 1986 Silver Eagles in the Database for Silver Eagles. How do I add this item to my collection. Thanks.


These coins can be found in:

USA -> BULLION COINS -> American Eagle Silver...


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THANK YOU!!! Man, I've been looking and trying to figure out how to enter a Silver Eagle (2013) into my collection for the past 3 hours. I finally said, maybe I should check the forum. I'm glad I did. I found the answer. One other question. I have your 2015 CoinManage version. I don't see a value in the database. I'm I missing anything?


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No, not missing anything. The most likely reason is the 2013 is a recent release and the values have yet to be relevant and mainly tied to bullion value (B.V.) which should be present.

If you wish to add a value, just highlight the coin in the collection and r.click, select "Edit Variety Information". Go to the Values tab and enter all the values you wish from your research. Click OK. Now when you see your coin, the values you entered should be present. Remember, you are adding values for a single coin variety.


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