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CoinManage Delux Update?


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It is ready now, for CoinManage USA 2015 and Deluxe 2015 simply select HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES from the main menu.

We have had a couple reports of customers getting permissions errors when doing this. To bypass the error you can download the update directly from:


// CoinManage USA 2015



This is for CoinManage USA 2015 Edition customers. If you are still using an earlier version you would need to upgrade.

For the CoinManage USA Update we spent quite a bit of time adding the latest USA coins and sets. Mainly from 2015 but some earlier. We also added some images. The PCGS values have been updated. For most users the Report designer will be a newer version unless you purchased within the past month or 2.


// CoinManage Deluxe.



This is for CoinManage Deluxe 2015 Edition customers. If you are still using an earlier version you would need to upgrade.

The Deluxe update includes all the new enhancements in the USA update + we have changed the Canada database so that eBay searches use eBay Canada and not eBay USA. The UK database will now use eBay UK and not eBay USA.

We have added a few new Canada and UK Listings. We are currently adding many more Canada, UK listings in order to update those separate products in the next month or so.

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