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Sirs: I have just installed CoinManage 2015 as an upgrade from version 2013. I now note that the coins in each collection are displayed in order by a Coinmanage ID number that has been assigned, and not by year. Reports still print listing in order by year but I find it terribly confusing to keep track of things with coins scattered all over creation. Is there a setting I am missing that would allow the computer to display by year? I note that the ID cannot be altered (personally, I'd get rid of it).


Hi, all you need to sort by year is click on the column header for the column which you wish to sort by. So click on the YEAR column header to see the list sorted by year. You can also click again on the header to reverse the sort from Ascending to Descending order. Descending order can be handy when sorting on date columns

We have quite a ​few customers who seem to like the unique coin manage id. It can be useful if you have entered several coins of the same year/mm and can quickly differentiate by the coin manage id.

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