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various HomeManage questions


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I looked at your Home Inventory 2015 program.

I crossed look at the related User Guide but it will be faster to ask you about some details.

I need to know :

Q.01 Is this program multilingual (French , English, Deutch..?

Currently the program is only in English, we are working on a French version but I can't say we will have a German version anytime soon.

Q.02 Can you have quantities related to one asset : like six chairs of this model and be able to substract quantities if you sold two of its ?

You can reduce the quantity manually, it is not a point of sale program that will keep inventory.

Q.03 Do you have the nice WordArt feature available when you desing a Print Report ?

The report designer is pretty powerful, if you look at the large user manual for the report designer (HELP > VIEW REPORT DESIGNER MANUAL) you should be able to find some related features.

Q.04 Do you have the 3D Aero effects in Reports Prints ?

I don't believe so, again you could probably look through the reporting manual.

Q.05 Do you have Pie Charts reports for a fast visual assets resume ?

The report designer does allow you to create charts, including Pie charts.
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