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Adding Mint and Proof sets to Coinmanage


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I am currently evaluating two Coin tracking systems and was not sure how mint, proof or other sets are added to CoinManage 2015.  Also I have a full set of Franklin half dollars and is their an easy way to push them all into CoinManage without adding one at a time.  Sorry just getting started...

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Disclaimer, I am a user and not associated with Liberty Street....

A. Adding Sets can be done several ways:

    1. Add Coin(s) - Choose Country then Type like "Proof Sets"  then use >>Click here to add a New Variety

    2. Open the Tools > Coin Database Editor choose country, denomination, then type or add type > Coins tab >>Add a new variety...

    3. Wait for LS to add them

B. Adding a set of Franklins is pretty easy, you can go to Add Coin(s) then Choose US>50 Cents>Franklins> then multi-select what you want to addin the list by either holding the 'Ctrl' key while choosing year/mm by clicking on row or rows.  Once you have selected all you wish to add, just click OK. Also can choose all  or consecutive list by highlighting first selection, hold shift key while clicking on last in list. THis will result in all rows in between being selected. Then click OK. Adding coins like this adds them all with the same properties like grade, purchase price, as well as any other info. You may always go back and add or modify individual coins later. 

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