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License Key Will not Work

Guest Greg Hauser

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Guest Greg Hauser

I have purchased the 2013 edition and it ran find until I switch to a new PC.  Each time I activate the license key it keeps stating it is not valid and I need to buy another.  This is not correct according to you installation guide.  I would appreciate someone responding and letting me know what I can do.  Thanks...


Greg Hauser

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many times the reason a code will not work is that you download the Demo for the CoinManage USA version.  Then purchase the CoinManage Deluxe version.

or vice versa.

The USA and Deluxe use different codes, please verify this is not the case.  You may need to download the correct version after purchase and simply install it to the same folder.  


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On 01/02/2016 at 2:39 PM, Dcadon said:

You have to follow the instructions exactly. When you install, do not install in Programs (x86) or similar files. The suggestion is to make a file in your documents folder, and use that instead. - This worked for me on re-install after I experienced your exact problem. 

Regarding this comment, please note the DATA folder and the IMAGES folder should not be in the PROGRAM FILES (X86) or PROGRAM FILES folder.  The reason for this is Microsoft Windows now marks these folders as READ ONLY.

So you will get sharing errors when using the software.

As Dcadon says, try to install the DATA file in a folder underneath MY DOCUMENTS.  Same applies to the MY IMAGES folder where images you attach to your inventory is kept.

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